Questions Setting up SSL on WHM / VPS server


Jun 27, 2011
Passaic N.J. USA
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Hi forgive me if I asked this on the wrong forum, I have been using C-Panel and WHM mostly on my own accounts, paying a premium to pick up experience. I now am ready to start hosting customer utilizing several different providers. My main question at the moment is this:

I am using a VPS cloud server with C-Panel that has been set up with Xen virtualization as fas as I can see with regards to the WHM default Tweak setting.

I have already added two dedicated IP's that (came with the server) yet did not seem to have been "utilized" currently when I log into the Client Area of the VPS I have this message:

The following IP addresses are allocated to this virtual machine. When a machine is built, these will automatically be configured. However, if they are allocated after the machine had been built, you will need to additionally configure a network by yourself. To do this, click 'Rebuild Network' button at the bottom of the page.

Now here is what I have done so far:

I downloaded the C-Panel/Whm via what appears a trial license. I do plan on upgrading from CentOS 5.6 64 bit to Cloud Linux. I have a message telling me: " You have 1 free IPs left " , the reason being that when I first ordered the service I paid for the four dedicated IPs. So far I have gotten as far as actually creating some name servers utilizing two of the dedicated IP's. One I have as the main server and one I was going to use for the WHMCS license, which is being provided by one of the other "Resellers" I am using, not on this cloud server.

Question: Do I have to click- "Rebuild Network" button (am I somewhat worried about wiping out my current network (meaning the C-panel installation. Remember 4 IP's came with the VPS when I paid for it, but only got added when they were needed after C-Panel/Whm was working.

Question 2: Also I originally was going to use one of my own "branded" domains as the server mame and fully qualified domain name as the root account, yet now as I consider how I will be inter-acting with two or three providers, I am thinking of going with a more generic sounding name like- "Server_xyz". I get the idea that an entire domain will be needed for the WHM/C-Panel but I a not sure if there is any necessity to "try to change" the name of the VPS server itself.

Considering this scenario:

1) I will use a dedicated IP for the WHMCS license I am thinking i should us it on one dedicated IP, with a domain on my system with the best access, root access.

2) I may even provision additional IP's as needed for other plans I have as far as selling "cloud hosting" even on this VPS cloud server..

What really goes on when I "Rebuild the network using that button in the client are of my VPS system. I am thinking it is simply bringing the "Terminal Side of things" us to speed with all the changes, is this what occurs?

Q#2: Is it common and safe practice to back up the current system before rebuilding?

Q#3: I do want to "rename the sever" and also use a different "more generic sounding and less branded" server name and fully qualified domain name, so I am thinking that I should "change the name before rebuilding". Yet I am worried that "Rebuilding" is perhaps a necessary step in "bootstrappinng" so the server with the terminal "Screen Type" login is keeping up with all the "new changes" which now at the minimum includes the C-Panel/WHM license, as well as no less than two custom name servers that were established on two IP's (that came with the system but only one showed up and has been used until now.

So the summary of question number 3 is when or what event causes on to need to "periodically" rebuild the system. Does it mean what I think it means and is simply incorporating the latest changes into the "terminals own" machine "type" language?

What is really going on when I rebuild, because I am thinking - With all these very major changes, I do need to back up and rebuild before making more "big changes" like upgrading to Cloud Liinux ( a big event from the " Terminalas" point of view and Changing the domain name associated with it.'''

Any help guidance or direction, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your patience, suggestions and answers.