Queued mail not retrying


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Jan 6, 2006
We had a problem for a short period yesterday when spamd was struggling under load and exim failed to deliver with a 'transport filter timeout'. However, it appear that exim did not attempt any retries until several hours later. Can anyone shed light on this?

Here's a log entry:
2007-05-16 10:42:32 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO spam acl condition: error reading from spamd socket: Connection timed out
2007-05-16 10:42:32 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO <= [email protected] H=(relay1.xxxxx.ac.uk) [129.xx.xxx.165] P=esmtp S=6104 [email protected] T="Booking enquiry"
2007-05-16 10:42:32 cwd=/var/spool/exim 3 args: /usr/sbin/exim -Mc 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO
2007-05-16 10:47:33 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO <[email protected]>: virtual_sa_userdelivery transport output: An error was detected while processing a file of BSMTP input.
2007-05-16 10:47:33 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO == [email protected] R=virtual_sa_user T=virtual_sa_userdelivery defer (0): transport filter timeout while writing to pipe
2007-05-16 19:50:43 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO => sales <[email protected]> R=virtual_sa_user T=virtual_sa_userdelivery
2007-05-16 19:50:43 1HoFzj-0001eI-IO Completed
The message was received at 10.47 but not retried until 19.50! WTF?