Quick and simple way to copy and rename file in file manager?

Paul Racko

Feb 23, 2015
Nevada City, California, Unite
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Is there a quick and easy way to simultaneously copy and rename a file using file manager so as to keep it in the same folder of the original copied file? I'd like to be able to duplicate a file such as example.php and then rename it as example-copy.php all in one step rather than creating a new folder, dragging the copied file there and then renaming it. I also tried to copy the file and save it to the same folder to then rename it, but file manager wont allow a duplicate name. I know I saw what I'm looking for being done in a YouTube video once, but can't remember where I saw that video. Thanks.


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May 20, 2003
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Select file by highlighting it, click Copy, on popup window that comes up you see a path: /currentdirectory, on that popup, you can edit whats there. So, if you want to copy a file named paulracko.html, highlight it, click Copy, add this to it before clicking Copy File:
/currentdirectory/paulrackotoo.html. On Copy, it will be renamed as expected and left in the /currentdirectory.