Quick question regarding how email works


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Oct 29, 2007

Im currenly using 4 cPanel servers (server.domain.com, server.domain2.com, server.domain3.com server.domain4.com) to load balance an email application that send mails to a lot of my customers (autoresponder plus) and im not sure how should i configure the rDNS on each server.
Im currently sending emails from [email protected]. What i did is i transferred the same cPanel account (domain.com) to the rest of all the servers included mailbox [email protected] so when the program logins to each of the 4 smtp servers previously mentioned the software sends the emails from the user [email protected].
My question is, should i need to setup the rDNS on every main server IP to the same record? I mean setup the rDNS to point domain.com. Or should i setup the rDNS to point each server domain? Ex. setup main server ip of server.domain2.com rDNS to domain2.com and NOT domain.com.

I hope i have been clear and you guys could understand this situation.

Thank you for wasting the time to read this post. I will really appreciate any suggestion you can advice.

Thank you in advance!



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Aug 10, 2002
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My understanding of how most mail servers recognize reverse DNS is that an IP address needs to resolve to a hostname. In turn that hostname needs to resolve back to that IP address.

So in essence you would have something like: resolves to host.domain.com
host.domain.com resolves to

It doesn't really matter if the envelope-sender of the message is an @domain.com or @host.domain.com e-mail address.