Feb 7, 2002
A weird question maybe but i really wanna know how you can do the following:

I have a new client, a school, who wants to seperate the account into small accounts (subdomains and ftp users) for 50 students that they have a small webspace
this is not really a problem, via cpanel they can add a subdomain, and a ftp user for the subdomain per student and they are ready to go..

The problem lies with the fact that the small (student-)accounts need a quota of 5 mb's webspace.
So .. They want to seperate 250 mb's into 5 mb's accounts.

How can they set the Quota for a directory to be 5 mb max via cpanel or telnet?

Also they want to have a max bandwidth of 500 mb's a user but thats not high priority as noone will use that much (its an internal project that doesnt need to have lots of bandwidth anyways)
I do wanna know how you can set that quota for a directory aswell if possible.

To clear some things up, i have access to whm and they are just a client with an account set up thrue whm, so they dont have access to whm.


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Aug 18, 2001

Get him to ask you to do it, and then create the accounts with the domain & and set the limits..

each account can have cpanel and all then