Nov 18, 2006
Im having problem with WHM since my account is upgraded to cPanel 10.9.0 R88

Most users disk usage shows unlimited even though they have a quota set.

I try changing their Quota and package but still its set to unlimited. I
contacted with my vendor but they failed to help me.

Now my cPanel is updated to cPanel 10.9.0 R95 but still having same issue.

I;ve tried /scripts/fixquotas command but i get following error on most of my

"Resetting quota for zeeshan to 25 M
edquota: Cannot set quota for user 32182 from kernel on /dev/vzfs: No such
edquota: Can't write quota for 32182 on /dev/vzfs: No such process"

Even when i created new account with some quota its created with unlimited
quota and having few more issues like its File manager says

-Internal Error, can't find that folder

-Unable to create trash folder. You do not seem to have the necessary
permissions! (System Error: Permission denied)

Rest of accounts are working fine which are not having quota issue

Please tell/help if you know how to resolve it