Jun 15, 2012
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This morning we encountered a failure in our Raid-5 array and the server won't boot. Our datacenter told us the array and the disks need to be replaced as they are damaged.

I'm looking for someone who can help me to get some backups out from this server.

The server uses a Adaptec hardware RAID controller which comes with an tool I don't have a clue to use.

Please feel free to PM if you can help. Of course we pay for the help we can get.

Many regards

- - - Updated - - -

The raid card give me this info;

Controllers found: 1
Logical device information
Logical device number 0
Logical device name : HDD-RAID5
RAID level : 5
Status of logical device : Failed
Size : 2856960 MB
Stripe-unit size : 256 KB
Read-cache mode : Enabled
MaxCache preferred read cache setting : Disabled
MaxCache read cache setting : Disabled
Write-cache mode : Disabled (write-through)
Write-cache setting : Enabled (write-back)
Partitioned : Unknown
Protected by Hot-Spare : No
Bootable : Yes
Failed stripes : No
Power settings : Disabled
Logical device segment information
Segment 0 : Present (Controller:1,Connector:0, Device:0) 9VS43V0B
Segment 1 : Present (Controller:1,Connector:0, Device:1) 9VS1YW24
Segment 2 : Present (Controller:1,Connector:0, Device:2) 9VS2CZ8S

Command completed successfully.