Jason Brice

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Sep 29, 2001
Quite some time ago got the techies on my server to set up the logs for a domain to write to a user accessible directory. eg. /home/username/logs/domain.log

When I wanted to get the logs I'd rename the domain.log file to something else (the date in yymmdd format), then restart apache (which would recreate domain.log). I'd then gzip the renamed log, and download it!

Now I notice that the Raw Log Manager script will do this all for you, and keep the logs in discrete monthly packages!

What I want to know is if I switch on the Raw Log Manager in the domain using the process described above, will I lose the ability to grab the logs whenever I like? I don't want to risk losing the logs for even a few hours, so I want any chnages to be seamless.

Any ideas?