Nov 22, 2002
I have a few domains that have stopped generating stats with Webalizer. In my search for an answer, I've seen a few things that say that the domlogs might simply be too big, and so they aren't getting processed.

So, then I start working on rotating the domlogs, and I find various threads that state that CPanel/WHM doesn't rotate domlogs by default, and that I have to add a script to the cron to do it monthly.

Then, I have to question, why is it that CPanel has a Raw Log Manager in the interface? does it work for anyone? I have checked it on more than one domain account, and I never get archived log files showing up in the users home directory.

Any help appreciated, on both fronts: 1. getting webalizer running again on the domains where it is stopped, and 2. getting my apache logs rotating properly.