RBL blocking one server -- can I force mail out another server?


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Aug 21, 2003
La Crosse, WI
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The fine folks at RoadRunner are blocking mail from one of my servers. They claim they saw something suspicious... but won't give me a sample. They admit I'm not on any other RBL, and they see my Sender Score is 90 out of 100. Anyway...

I have several other cPanel servers, and none of them are blocked by RoadRunner.

Is it possible for me to route all mail for *.rr.com through one of my other servers? I know I can add rr.com in /etc/secondarymx on the other server, but not sure how to force the blocked server to use the other server?

Server A is blocked
Server B is not blocked

Server A -- how to configure to route mail for rr.com to Server B?
Server B -- add rr.com to /etc/secondarymx ?


- Scott