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Jul 23, 2003
Cochin, south India
How we can setup RBL in such a way that it can block email for all customers (sites setup on our server), but also allow us to let one of the domains on the server receive the spam if they need to - like a customer needs to be able to receive email from Russians ISPs because he does business with Russia. But some of those ISPs are listed for spam. Therefore, we need to be able to block the spam for all the other clients and allow his domain alone to be unblocked. We need to know how to configure RBL for this, to allow one or more domains to receive the spam, while all others don't receive it. RBL software must be setup in such a way to allow for this.
Thanks in advance.

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Sep 16, 2003
Dear karikasery,

The exim RBL support allows one or more RBL systems to be checked and messages from hosts within each RBL to be either rejected or marked by the addition of an extra header X-RBL-Warning:. It is also possible to have a limited number of recipients bypass the RBL reject functions completely, thus allowing postmaster (for example) to receive mail even from an RBL blocked site.

For congfiguring in exim use the http://www.exim.org/exim-html-4.20/doc/html/spec.html link. Under this link look for dnslists.

Sendmail has built in primary anti-spam features which support the use of all MAPS\' lists. To use this database, use


This will cause sendmail to reject mail from any site in the Realtime Blackhole List database. You can specify an alternative RBL name server to contact by specifying an argument to the FEATURE. The default error message is \"Mail from $

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