RBLs Exim. What's the best one(s)


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Nov 9, 2001
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Hi All.

For now we've got to turn off "sender verification" and Autoresponders to prevent getting black listed.

I have a theory to test, by separating our inbound EXIM from our outbound EXIM to be on different IP's. This way I can use the Sender verifies and autoresponders are sent back out form the "inbound" SMTP IP number. Therefore if the inbound SMTP IP gets blacklisted, who cares. But the benefit would be that customers would send their legitimate e-mails outr through my outbound SMTP IP, thus assuring that their messages get through even if the inbound SMTP IP gets blacklisted. Like this, the only way the outbound SMTP IP could get black listed would be if a customer was really sending loads of spam. The outbound EXIM IP would not become blacklisted from "backscatter" because the backscatter would be generated from the "inbound" SMTP IP. I could even use a separate server running Exim for the customers' genuine Outbound e-mail, and give customers a username and password to send via that separate server. Any comments or suggestions?

Now, my questions about the RBL's:

Any opinions? What's the best "Built-In" EXIM RBL to utilize?

Question 1: Can you activate more than one without a glitch?

Question2: if no specific RBL is check marked, what does WHM cause Exim to utilize?

And finally Question 3:

Can you just force an update on spamassassin's and RBL's definitions.
Does UPCP cause these def's to be updated?

Drake P.

FYI: My WHM & CPanel Version
WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.17.0-C19353
FEDORA 7 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0