rDNS doesn't point to the correct subdomains


Jan 21, 2015
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I have 2 domain names. I tried to create the subdomain for domain2.com like this:


I created the DNS zone with that subdomain and ip. However, when i checked it, that ip was reversed to mta12.domain1.com instead of mta12.domain2.com.

I checked the losf with pid of named, i found these:

named 14987 named 21u IPv4 2040244 0t0 TCP server.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 22u IPv4 2040246 0t0 TCP mta1.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 23u IPv4 2040248 0t0 TCP mta2.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 24u IPv4 2040250 0t0 TCP mta3.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 25u IPv4 2040252 0t0 TCP mta4.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 26u IPv4 2040254 0t0 TCP mta5.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 27u IPv4 2040256 0t0 TCP mta6.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 28u IPv4 2040258 0t0 TCP mta7.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 29u IPv4 2040260 0t0 TCP mta8.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 30u IPv4 2040262 0t0 TCP mta9.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 31u IPv4 2040264 0t0 TCP mta10.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 32u IPv4 2040266 0t0 TCP mta11.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 33u IPv4 2040268 0t0 TCP mta12.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 34u IPv4 2040270 0t0 TCP mta13.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 35u IPv4 2040272 0t0 TCP mta14.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 36u IPv4 2040274 0t0 TCP mta15.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 37u IPv4 2040276 0t0 TCP mta16.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 38u IPv4 2040278 0t0 TCP mta17.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 39u IPv4 2040280 0t0 TCP mta18.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 40u IPv4 2040282 0t0 TCP mta19.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 41u IPv4 2040284 0t0 TCP mta20.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 42u IPv4 2040286 0t0 TCP mta21.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 43u IPv4 2040288 0t0 TCP mta22.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 44u IPv4 2040290 0t0 TCP mta23.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 45u IPv4 2040292 0t0 TCP mta24.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 46u IPv4 2040294 0t0 TCP mta25.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 47u IPv4 2040296 0t0 TCP mta26.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 48u IPv4 2040298 0t0 TCP mta27.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 49u IPv4 2040300 0t0 TCP mta28.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 50u IPv4 2040302 0t0 TCP mta29.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 51u IPv4 2040304 0t0 TCP mta30.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 52u IPv4 2040306 0t0 TCP mta31.domain1.com:domain (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 53u IPv4 2040309 0t0 TCP ns1:rndc (LISTEN)
named 14987 named 512u IPv4 2040241 0t0 UDP ns1:domain
named 14987 named 513u IPv4 2040243 0t0 UDP server.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 514u IPv4 2040245 0t0 UDP mta1.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 515u IPv4 2040247 0t0 UDP mta2.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 516u IPv4 2040249 0t0 UDP mta3.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 517u IPv4 2040251 0t0 UDP mta4.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 518u IPv4 2040253 0t0 UDP mta5.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 519u IPv4 2040255 0t0 UDP mta6.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 520u IPv4 2040257 0t0 UDP mta7.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 521u IPv4 2040259 0t0 UDP mta8.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 522u IPv4 2040261 0t0 UDP mta9.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 523u IPv4 2040263 0t0 UDP mta10.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 524u IPv4 2040265 0t0 UDP mta11.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 525u IPv4 2040267 0t0 UDP mta12.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 526u IPv4 2040269 0t0 UDP mta13.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 527u IPv4 2040271 0t0 UDP mta14.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 528u IPv4 2040273 0t0 UDP mta15.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 529u IPv4 2040275 0t0 UDP mta16.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 530u IPv4 2040277 0t0 UDP mta17.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 531u IPv4 2040279 0t0 UDP mta18.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 532u IPv4 2040281 0t0 UDP mta19.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 533u IPv4 2040283 0t0 UDP mta20.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 534u IPv4 2040285 0t0 UDP mta21.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 535u IPv4 2040287 0t0 UDP mta22.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 536u IPv4 2040289 0t0 UDP mta23.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 537u IPv4 2040291 0t0 UDP mta24.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 538u IPv4 2040293 0t0 UDP mta25.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 539u IPv4 2040295 0t0 UDP mta26.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 540u IPv4 2040297 0t0 UDP mta27.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 541u IPv4 2040299 0t0 UDP mta28.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 542u IPv4 2040301 0t0 UDP mta29.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 543u IPv4 2040303 0t0 UDP mta30.domain1.com:domain
named 14987 named 544u IPv4 2040305 0t0 UDP mta31.domain1.com:domain
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Jan 21, 2015
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Hello :)

Have you verified with your data center that your server has control over RDNS records? If so, ensure you follow the steps listed in this document:

How to Configure Reverse DNS for BIND in WHM - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.
I think i do. This is dedicated server.

Here is my reversed conf

; cPanel first: (update_time):1444676040 Cpanel::ZoneFile::VERSION:1.3 hostname:server.domain1.com latest:
; Zone file for 10.12.132.in-addr.arpa
$TTL 14400
10.12.132.in-addr.arpa. 86400 IN SOA ns1.domain1.com. root.domain1.com. (
2015101212 ;Serial Number
86400 ;refresh
7200 ;retry
3600000 ;expire
86400 ;minimum
10.12.132.in-addr.arpa. 86400 IN NS ns1.domain1.com.
10.12.132.in-addr.arpa. 86400 IN NS ns2.domain1.com.
10.12.132.in-addr.arpa. 14400 IN A
10.12.132.in-addr.arpa. 14400 IN MX 0 10.12.132.in-addr.arpa.
mail 14400 IN CNAME 10.12.132.in-addr.arpa.
www 14400 IN CNAME 10.12.132.in-addr.arpa.
ftp 14400 IN CNAME 10.12.132.in-addr.arpa.
mta21.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta22.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta23.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta1.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta2.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta3.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta4.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta5.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta6.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta6.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta7.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta8.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta9.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta11.domain1.com 14400 IN PTR
mta12.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta13.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta14.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta15.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta16.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta17.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta18.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta19.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta20.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR
mta21.domain2.com 14400 IN PTR


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Apr 11, 2011
I think i do. This is dedicated server.
Please contact your data center to verify this, as typically your data center needs to configure the RDNS records on your behalf.

Thank you.


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Nov 20, 2014
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I have a dedicated server, but as Michael has said, the RDNS records are controlled by the DC and not me.
I emailed my server providers, who applied the change at the DC.