Re-adding a deleted domain : domainX is owned by another user.


Aug 30, 2006
Hi I have searched google and the forums and I can see a lot of people seem to have had similar or identical problems but the solutions employed do not seem to work for me.

Anyway the problem occurs when a user deletes an add-on or parked domain and then goes to re-add the domain. In this case the problem is caused by a parked domain but I've seen the same problem exactly with an add-on domain.

Cpanel refuses with error: " is owned by another user."

I have grepped everything in /etc, removed entries for from:
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 70606 Oct 31 21:37 /etc/localdomains,v
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 156557 Oct 31 21:38 /etc/named.conf,v

Then I checked /var/named for a zone file, nothing there. (There was no entry in /etc/named.conf either)

Then I've checked /var/cpanel/users where the relevant user file contained an XDNS entry, removed that entry. Also doesn't seem to be anything in the user's home directory (since this was a parking domain previously that isn't too surprising)

Reloaded bind. Does anyone know what is likely to be causing this? Does Cpanel do this intentionally to stop users deleting domains and then immediately re-adding them (eg to avoid being billed for them at end of month)? If so is it a WHM preference which can be changed? I haven't been able to find anything on it.

Also I have been trying to install cpanel on a test server to try out WHMCS and it has been running for days ".....waiting for cpanelsync to finish.....". I think it is trying to rsync something from Cpanel but the amount of data iptraf says it has transferred is pretty minimal. I dunno if I should keep waiting or what? Does anyone know how much data it should be downloading?

Thanks guys!