Re-routing errors to mailbox using Exim Advanced Editor, or preventing exim.conf overwrite


Mar 29, 2013
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Root Administrator
I need all email errors to be delivered to a mailbox I set up rather than be delivered to the sender. I've been doing this by adding an "errors_to: [email protected]" to each router in exim.conf, problem is there seems to be no way to prevent WHM from periodically overwriting exim.conf changes (I've tried adding /etc/exim.conf to cpanelsync.exclude, making the file immutable, etc -- CPanel still overwrites the file whenever it updates).

So, I guess my question is, I either need some way to prevent the exim.conf file from being overwritten, or I need some way to routing errors to a special mailbox that I can enter in the Exim Advanced Configuration Editor. It seems like the Advanced Editor lets you add new routers but not add lines to existing routers. Is it conceivable to add some kind of intermediary router that re-routes all errors perhaps?

Any help is much appreciated, I've been banging my head on the desk for several months.