Real-time Process Resource Monitor


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Jan 16, 2003
Is there some script that automatically kills a process if using more than X resources for longer than X seconds. Also need to be able to ignore some users such as root.

prm only checks 1 time per minute and I'm looking for more of real-time monitor that will stop the processes right away.

If 8 crap scripts start up 3 seconds after prm checks and runs for 57 seconds, -- its all over with. prm won't even be able to run to kill them. only option is to reboot to get back in then real quick like disable the bad comment spam vulnerable scripts before server gets overloaded.

/etc/security/limits.conf doesn't seem to work. Also if it did work, I don't want to add/delete every user manually everytime. If using wildcards, I don't want it to apply to root, cpanel, etc.