Real-Time "Visitors" Metrics Update


Jan 7, 2020
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I ordered a new website from which came with a cPanel. I noticed that upon visiting the site, cPanel's "Metrics -> Visitors" list doesn't get updated promptly. I don't see the latest visits.

When I contacted HostPapa, their response was,
All of the SEO Statistics take some time to update the repository, i.e AwStats, Visitors and so forth. Unfortunately there is little control as to how concurrent the automatic repository update is made, but at the very least it should be by-daily, as we advise checking as such. If you still experience issues, please let us know.

Is this accurate? A day's worth of delay? Visitors are the most critical piece of info for a website owners, who would put up with that craziness?

I also noticed the "Raw Access Log" doesn't get updated promptly. Haven't tried "AwStats" but it probably has the same problem.

What's going on here?


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Nov 14, 2017
My assumption here is two-fold

1. That the hosting provider has piped logging enabled. You can read about this here: Piped Log Configuration | cPanel & WHM Documentation this causes some delay in the update of the raw access logs and visitors especially on more busy servers.

2. For the rest of the metrics, such as webalizer, AwStats etc., these are collected every time statistics is run for the site. If Statistics for the site are set to run every 24 hours then you won't have updates but for every 24 hours. This is configurable by the hosting provider in most cases, though they can delegate access to you to make those modifications. In some instances though, if you are on shared hosting this may not be a part of their offerings.