Really Basic Question about Writing an installer for cpanel


Aug 19, 2009
I have a client who is asking for a cpanel installer for the application that I am writing for him. I have been to these pages...

cPanel Plugins - Developer

Introduction to cPAddons

Creating Addon Scripts

Creating a New cPAddon Script

...but I am still not getting it. The application to be installed is written in PHP and expects to work with a MySql database. I expected to write a PHP program that functions as an install script which does something like this...

  • copy a file hierarchy to the target sub folder under document root
  • capture database connection information and use that to write some kind of config.php file
  • create a database schema and pre-populate certain tables within it
  • the ability to modify certain files such as .htaccess would also be very nice

I didn't really see any of that in the documentation. I did see some sample perl code but it didn't do anything even close to what I was expecting.

Is there some "writing cPAddons for dummies" document that will set the context for the above resources?
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