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Mar 27, 2003
I wanted to post this so others having this issue might find this as a resolution.

1. I have a P4 1.7 Ghz system with low memory and small HDD.

WHM is pretty much up2date and system was running fine for 4 months, no issues.

I added 512 MB RAM and a 2nd RoHs 250 WD IDE drive

After doing that the system started rebooting every 8 - 10 hours. I tried several items, re-formatted the 2nd drive, enabled DMA, disabled DMA. I finally found a thread talking about SELinux. Mine was enabled so I disabled SELinux and the box has been stable going on 2 days now.

I am not sure why SELinux would cause this but the system started to act up with the new hardware until SElinux was disabled. Just a little FYI.