Receive Emails But Cant Send??


Nov 8, 2005
Hello, we can receive emails. But when we send them no one gets them. Does anyone know what the cause of this could be?


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Mar 3, 2006
Monitor your log while you try sending an email and post the results

tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog


tail -f /var/log/messages


Nov 8, 2005
When i run tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog and send an email out it doesnt show on the log. That i sent it.


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Jan 22, 2005
When you attempt to send an email, something along the lines of the following will occur:

1) Your email client will resolve the specified SMTP server name to an IP address
2) Your email client will attempt to connect to the relevant IP address using the relevant port
3) The MTA running on the relevant port at the relevant IP will then do many things whilst dealing with the email transaction from your email client and will log certain details

What you'd need to do is:

1) Check what SMTP server you have specified in your email client
2) Check that the SMTP server resolves to the correct IP address

If, by the above two checks, you are sure that your mail client is trying to connect to the correct IP (and on the correct port), then you will have an entry in the Exim logs of the email transaction.

Try to send a message to [email protected], wait about 30 seconds and then run the following command:

cat /var/log/exim_mainlog | grep [email protected]
Be sure to replace '[email protected]' with a valid email address that you know is working.

If the output of the above command is nothing at all, then connections aren't getting through to Exim for one of many reasons, including:

1) The SMTP server specified in your email client is incorrect
2) The SMTP server specified in your email client does not resolve to the IP address you think it should be
3) You have a local firewall issue
4) Your ISP does not let you connect to port 25 on any servers other than their own
5) Your server has a firewall issue
6) Exim is running on a different port
7) One or more other reasons

If you do get output from the above command, take a look at it, see what it says and figure things out - Google is often very useful. If you can't figure things out, post the output here for others to digest.


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Aug 6, 2006
Most email applications only need the following information:

POP3/Incoming Mail Server = (replace with your domain).
SMTP/Outgoing Mail Server = Use the setting for the outgoing mail server provided by your ISP or (replace with your domain).
Account Name = Whole email address is your account name ( not what just appears before the ' @ ' symbol )
Password = password that you entered while adding the pop3 account from the control panel interface
POP3/Incoming port : 110
SMTP/Outgoing port : 25

Enable "My server requires authentication" optican
Can you connect to outgoing mail server .Disable the firewalls on your local machine

telnet mail.domainname 25

2)If you can not send email using as your SMTP server, it may be because your ISP is blocking port 25 on their network, used for sending outoing mail via the SMTP protocol. In this instance, we recommend using your ISPs outgoing mail server, which can be obtained from your ISP