Nov 18, 2014
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Hi... I couldn't find another thread on this subject, so please forgive me if I've started a new one in error.

The interface for Horde Webmail has changed in the last week or so and I'm really unhappy about certain aspects of it. I wrote to Horde and they replied promptly but said it's not their responsibility. I wonder if anyone here can help? The issues are:

  • Text in the email lists is now too small and a strain to read. (From the age of around 40, most people find it increasingly difficult to read small type. My guess is that because most developers are relatively young, they are not aware of this problem!) Is it possible to have the original font size, which was very clear, reinstated?
  • I can't understand why this change was made, but it is now necessary on every visit to go to 'Folder Actions' in order to display all mailboxes.
  • 'Purge Deleted' is now inexplicably hidden in the 'Other' dropdown. It's the next port of call after deleting mail and therefore needs to be immediately available.
  • Selection of batches of emails in a folder is now more difficult. It used to be possible to select consecutive items, then move down and select others using the standard method of Shift and Control, leaving emails in between that one wishes to retain. Some of the domains I'm charged with keeping tidy receive copious amounts of Spam (see last item) and the old selection process made my life much easier!
  • When selecting (ticking), it's very easy to 'lose' previously selected items i.e. they lose their ticks). I haven't quite worked out what triggers this, but there have been occasions (unrelated to the above point) when I've gone down the list, picking items to delete, then ticked another and lost all previously selected items, which is aggravating!
  • We've never been able to make blacklisting work (including in the old version) and we get a lot of spam which
    we're therefore unable to prevent. I don't know if this is my error or a problem with the software.

Some of these issues are a bit hard to describe - I hope I've made sense and would appreciate help (or being pointed in the right direction) - thanks!


Nov 18, 2014
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Don't really know about the previous version because I'm Horde newbie, but have been tweaking a lot over the last few days so maybe I can help...

- email list text size is big enough for me and I use glasses, you can always zoom in/out with CTRL+ +/-
- folder actions: select 'remember last view' in preferences > mail > folder display
- purge trash by using the settings instead: preferences > mail > deleting & moving messages
- batch selection works fine with me (CTRL/SHIFT)
- ticking probs: haven't had any yet
- spam: as a newbie, no spam just yet so can't tell you if blacklist works for me or not

Hope it helps


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Could you let us know the version of cPanel installed on your system so we can determine which version of Horde is installed? Did you update cPanel before noticing the change?

Thank you.