Recreation of deleted account (dedicated IP, with addon domains)


Dec 7, 2004
I am still recovering from a recent upgrade that did not go well. I upgraded to php 5.3 with SuPHP and apache 2.2. The Php upgrade broke many sites due to multiple difference between 5.2,x and 5.3. I had to revert back to 5.2.17 and without the SuPhp and the sites were functional again.

This upgrade and subsequent downgrade lead to a new problems mainly, a site with dedicated IP that had 3 additional addon domains stopped working. I have searched everywhere and some suggested that I simply delete and recreate those accounts and I backed them up and did the recreation of the main account but it still is inaccessible. even though the dns record for the account looks fine. and the /home/domain directory is created with the correct permissions. some suggested that the old accounts may still be present in the passwd account file but they are not. and I tried to clean as much left over references to the old domains as much as I can before creating the new one, but to no avail.

The new domain can be pinged remotely, and answers correctly to DNS queries and also accessible through FTP, yet I can not load the web site in either my browser or locally on the server through lynx. lynx alert: "unable to connect to remote host"... Any idea of what is wrong here would be very appreciated.