Redirect all emails sent to [email protected]/2/ to another domain


Sep 26, 2006
Buenos Aires

I have an account full of mispelled domains, just in case my clients reach my website missing some typos. The same happens to emails sent, some may get lost if sent to [email protected] instead of [email protected]

I need something that automatically creates mail fowarders from X email username to Z destination email.

For example, Account ONE has the following domains:


And the real email address is [email protected]

I want all those 3 domains, when sending an email to [email protected](any of those 3 domain names here).com is automatically fowarded to [email protected] (the correct one)

I know this is easy to do when you have 3 or 4 domains being parked. But its a pain in the ass when you have around 200 domains parked.

Thank you!