Chris Kenward

Jul 22, 2014
Binfield, United Kingdom
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Hi Folks
Seriously hope this isn't a duplicate of many other queries and apologise if it is.

I am constantly having to recreate a redirect for a client's website to another provider. He has a Wordpress website on my server called but he no longer wants it to display when folks visit He wants it to instead redirect to which is hosted elsewhere.

I set up the redirect and it appears to work fine for a while but (perhaps when CRON runs I don't know) eventually fails and people just get a directory listing when browsing to It's driving me (and of course my client) crazy. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing that's obviously not correct?

1. I go to domains/redirects in the client cPanel
2. I select permanent 301
3. I drop down the https and select
4. I leave the "/" as default
5. I enter the full URL for the redirect
6. I select "Redirect with or without the www"
7. I click "ADD"

The redirect immediately works. After a while - BOOM - it reverts to nothing and I need to recreate it.

Thanks, folks, for any help you can give.


Jurassic Moderator
Staff member
Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! The cPanel redirects just get written, in plain text, to the .htaccess file on the machine. Can you confirm that when you create the redirect that it does get added to the .htaccess file, and also that when the redirect is no longer functioning that those lines have been removed? If so, that would confirm that *something* is rewriting the .htaccess file on the server.

Do you have root access to the machine? If not, you may need to reach out to your hosting provider or datacenter to have them help with some additional troubleshooting, but you could also try and setup and audit watch if that is available to you as the cPanel user (assuming you don't have full root access):