Redirect hostname to 443


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Oct 20, 2009
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The webmail daemon itself listens on 2095/2096. 443 is Apache. You'd be looking at some sort of custom proxy / reverse proxy type setup. Something like this:

cPanel Proxy | Free System Administration software downloads at

I have not tried nor can I vouch for the above software, nor do I know if it can be configured to listen on 443. You can install your hostname SSL for the WHM/cPanel/webmail services in WHM under Service SSL certificates. This will get a valid cert on 2096 for you if nothing else.


Jan 29, 2013
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First of all you need to purchase SSL for if you have already SSL for that hostname then you need to install it properly and set 443 port to enforce SSL connection for your hostname.

How to install SSL in cPanel:

Now you just need to redirect your webmail url which is often accesses by you clients.

How to redirect doc: