Redirect WHM / Cpanel and SSL installing


Dec 10, 2012
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Root Administrator
I own a server with 4 IP's with CentOS system and version of WHM / Cpanel 11.36.0, everything works perfectly. Now my hostname on my server is set to with shared ip This is the primary IP from range of 4 .
All domains that I have are hosted on IP Server like and the rest of 3 IP`s are free. On the and I have the and . What I want is when someone types in broswer or to redirect on a specific domain like or because on that domain I will want to install a SSL certificat ( a basic one not a wildcard one ) . of course to set on a separate IP like …

Because now if I type it will give me the specific error with no SSL founded ( installed ).

I think is something from httpd.conf but I `m very confused and I don`t know to make it .
If you needs some information from my server please ask.

Thanks a lot folks!