redirecting subdomains of a parked domain ... how ?

Carrot Cruncher

Jan 23, 2013
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hi. i've searched for anyone else asking this question but can't find anything. i have two domains, let's say and my web hosting provider has just switched from plesk to cpanel (11.34.1 build 7). in plesk i had registered as the primary domain and was a domain alias. this meant that all web, mail, etc. traffic got redirected from one domain to another. i'm now trying to do the same thing under cpanel. having done some reading i've got as the primary domain and, under the same account, i have parked plus i've set up domain forwarding for mail. this all seems to work ok which just leaves subdomains. i want all subdomains of the parked domain to redirect to the equivalent subdomain in the primary domain, just like the top level redirection does, so : redirect to redirect to
i've tried various things but i can't get it working. i'm hoping this is a fairly simple request and any advice is much appreciated. thanks.