Redirects in add on domains not working?


Oct 12, 2006

I'm using BlueHost as my hosting company and I have a website hosted.

My site works fine, I use a redirect from >>
Everything works great

Now when I add a add on domain such as I cant make redirects work

I want to redirect >>

So what I did was in cpanel I went to add on domains then at the Domain Redirection option I chose to setup redirection.

I said redirect to

However when I try to access my site I get the following and so on

So I tried it this way to with a forward slash and the same thing happens.

BlueHost is telling me that the only way you can do a redirect with an add on domain is by editing the .htaccess files.

BlueHost is saying it is a problem with cPanel

Are they giving me a bunch of hoopla. Should my redirects work through cPanel?