Reinstallation of cPanel causing Error 600


Feb 22, 2018
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Hello! Similar situation. Error 600. I installed the test version, the next day I reinstalled it for further tests and acquaintances. After reinstallation I got acquainted with error 600, purchased a license (in spite of the fact that a trial license is a day of life), the situation has not changed.

The question is, where is the logic of your developers? - if there is a test, do not put a limit on the number of installations, binding to IP and the first installation is not enough for them? Moreover, this incident after the acquisition of a license, it is difficult to check the IP for licenses and then reset? Or do you have freelancers, and they ask too much for the implementation of this functionality? Although I probably missed the fact that your product compare the space ship's code, and the tightening of security checks in priority, and the client - and so it will come down ... If you are working on Rennom, then please be kind to support him and programmatically, in accordance with the logic and customer care.

Well, we will get other workers with empty requests, and a distraction from real problems, well, this is good, people work, I am wasting time, and your leadership is ruined! cooked - in place of the head of the leadership.

The answer is not required, everyone has written, it’s just unpleasant to see such an attitude from the “leader” and not the obviousness ...

Sincerely, Gummi Bear.


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello @rusgimn,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

Can you share some more information on the testing environment you are using? For instance, are you using a hyperscaler solution such as Amazon AWS or DigitialOcean? Also, did you reach out to our Customer Service department when this happened to report the license error?

Thank you.