Reject emails with ZIP files containing EXE files


Jan 31, 2005
Gmail automatically rejects emails with ZIP attachments that contain either other ZIPs or executable programs

How can I get cPanel / Clam AV to do that?

I'm getting a crazy number of users complaining that they were stupid enough to run an attachment to an email from "FedEx" or a "Flight e-ticket" etc... their fault really, but they are assuming that their email gets to them safely because they know it's checked for viruses. The attachments aren't always viruses, and sometimes they're delivered before ClamAV knows about that particular virus. The easy answer seems to be to block all executables: so rare is it that they'd be sent legitimately I don't think there could be a downside.

I *don't* want to reject ZIP attachments, only ZIPs that include executables (so *.exe, *.bat, *.com, *.pif)