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Rejecting all except certain addresses

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bjrubble, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. bjrubble

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    Jul 7, 2004
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    I realize this is more an administrator forum than a user forum, but as a user I found the relevant documentation so uselessly superficial that I wound up here. Plus, I spent so much time working this out that I felt it worth posting.

    I have my own domain, in which I have a couple specific email addresses that I use, and then a bunch of trackable addresses that I make on the fly for use with various websites, ie.

    The idea being that if I start getting spam at, then I know who sold me out.

    Then I have my default address set up as, so I can receive all my email at one place. Pretty basic scheme, I know a lot of people use this.

    The problem is that I also receive everything else, and spammers have started having a field day with this.

    So, what I needed was to set up a filter that rejects everything except certain addresses. But since my on-the-fly addresses could be anything, this was basically impossible. So I changed my on-the-fly scheme to incorporate a common prefix, so then I use
    (using some arbitrary prefix, here "ns_" as in "no spam")

    If cpanel could filter out according to a regex, this would be easy, you'd look in the To: header for
    and reject anything that didn't match. But cpanel makes it harder, so here is the relevant regex (for the To: header):

    The \\\\ is how you have to escape backslashes, apparently -- they get unescaped twice in process, so these turn into a single backslash in the final regex. (Any cpanel documentation writers listening?)

    The regex basically translates to:
    1. Match the beginning of a word (\\\\b)
    2. Negative zero-length forward assertion that the next characters don't match a valid address pattern (?!(bjrubble@|website_contact@|ns_))
    3. At this point, we know this isn't a valid address, but it could be any other piece of the To: header (a name, an address at another domain, etc). We want to make sure that this is an invalid address at this domain. (\\\\

    Anyway, hope this helps somebody. Also, so far I just have this redirecting my mail rather than rejecting it because I don't trust it entirely, so I'm hoping that some regex experts might look at it and point out any flaws.

    PS. This actually works better than filtering out non-matches, since this won't reject mail that I get Cc'ed or Bcc'ed on -- as long as there isn't an invalid email address on the To: line, I'll get it.

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