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Mar 4, 2002

I am re-editing the default border skin to suit my needs. I am facing this problem:

I want to include the header.html at the main root of the skin folder in all my files in order to have the same header and side look for all the files. I included &cpanel include=&relative/path/to/header.html&& in the files

and I moved these lines from the header.html file and included them in my files in order to get the correct path and title name for each page :

&title&Control Panel - What ever Tool Name here&/title&
&link rel=stylesheet href=../style.css&
&SCRIPT LANGUAGE=&JavaScript& src=&../toolsf.js&&&/SCRIPT&
&SCRIPT LANGUAGE=&JavaScript& SRC=&../mouseover.js&&&/SCRIPT&

It works perfectly except for broken links for all images used in header.html becuase relative paths are used all over it.

Any work around that you suggest ?


&&EDIT: I think I just found a file called headersub.html in the skin main root which is a copy from header.html but with all paths prefixed with ../ &&