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Mar 21, 2013
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The ALPHA release of the X4 plugin contains updates and improvements to each of the features we're currently focusing on, as well as progress towards our final goal of a complete modernization of the cPanel UI. Here's a brief rundown of what's new in this version:

We enabled the following pages:
  • Change Language
  • cPanel Shortcuts
  • Update Contact Information
  • File Manager
  • Webmail
  • WebHost Manager (links to WHM in Reseller account pages)

We also:

  • The Change Password workflow is complete. It includes improved validation messages, as well as a better overall organization. To read more about our design decisions, check out the cPanel Blog posts.
  • The Change Language feature page, which allows users to change the interface strings to their preferred language, was updated to the X4 theme. Currently, not every part of the UI has gone through our localization process, so you may continue to see some English text after you change your language. We will address this before the final release of X4.
  • Also, the design of the select box on this page was improved, and you can now search for a language from that box. (You can see this improvement throughout x4, most notably in the Reseller Toolbox on the landing page.)
  • Users can now update their Contact Information in X4. We AJAX-ified the Email Address form so that the experience is quick and easy to the user.
  • The File Manager feature now sports a new file cabinet icon. Additionally, we removed the window that popped-up before taking you to the feature. In the x4 plugin, the File Manager will show hidden files by default and always launch to the root folder of the account. We may add the options that a user selected from in the pop-up directly to File Manager at a later date.
  • We added a warning message to the Webmail launch page that reminds users to log out if they're using a public computer.
  • Besides the new select boxes that we added, we improved the usability of long-lists handling, refined searches and multiple selections. We also made additional improvements under the hood to mobile browser support and overall stability.

As always, this ALPHA release of X4 is a limited preview and should not be used in production environments.

Feedback is welcome! Let us know what you think of version below.


Oct 6, 2013
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Some feed back:

(1) I feel it looks better if the panel is fully extended on entry and allows option to deflate instead of the other way around.
(2) Icon Moving: Allow the user to move the Icons from one Widget to Another instead of just moving the widgets themselves
(3) Colours: Allow users to choose colour schemes without actually changing the template and this would also entail allowing user to upload custom PNG Logo instead of Cpanel 3 Logo if he/she wishes to do so.
(4)Icons to features: It goes without saying that when an Icon App is clicked upon, all the functions behind the Icon also need to be redeveloped using the same style as the main panel itself.

I shall examine your updates on a daily basis and add on to this where possible...
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