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On friday, the X4 team released v0.0.1.7 centered around domain management. You can now manage your Addon Domains, Subdomains and Redirects from within X4. Below I've included our Release Notes, but if you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to visit X4 | cPanel Themes where you can find an updated demo and installation instructions.

Feedback welcome!

Version - Domain Management
x4 Theme Plugin is a focused update for the Domains section of the cPanel user interface. We also updated some aspects of the Home interface to make certain sections easier to access.

Software requirements
Users that install version of the x4 plugin in cPanel & WHM version 11.36.0 may not see a header on any of the feature pages. To resolve this issue, we recommend that you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 11.36.1 or later.

Browser compatibility
Internet Explorer 8 users who upgrade from the plugin from version to should no longer experience:

  • possible empty success or error notice boxes in the Change Language screen.
  • missing text inside the indicator bars throughout the interface. - We redesigned the indicator bars to address this issue.

Design Updates
  • Indicator Bars - In order to maximize compatibility between browsers and usability, we redesigned the indicator bars throughout the interface. The new design shows the percentage numbers to the right of the color bar (left in right-to-left locales).
  • The Featured Section - This new section in the x4 cPanel interface serves as a temporary home for newly updated features in the x4 plugin. As improved features and their new icons are released, they will be placed in this section. Eventually, when there are enough features to fill the other sections of the page, this section will be eliminated. The Featured section should appear at the top of the cPanel Home screen by default. However, the section's location in the cPanel Home screen may change based on the user's preferences. - Note: To return to the default layout of the cPanel Home screen, users may click Settings >> Reset Interface Settings in the cPanel Home screen.
  • Clear Sort Links - We removed this link, which was part of the sort bar in the Email Accounts interface. Users can now click Account Name in the sort bar to reset the sort.

Feature updates
  • Addon Domains - We restyled the Addon Domain feature to keep it consistent with the x4 theme. The style and workflow of the interface is is similar to the Email Accounts feature, where users are prompted to click Add Domain and Manage links to navigate deeper into the feature. To view a diagram of the new interface concept, visit our release notes. For more information about addon domains, view our addon domains documentation.
  • Subdomains - We improved the look and feel of the Subdomain interface to maintain consistency with the new x4 theme. With x3, users had the option to add a redirect on the Subdomains interface. Now, users must navigate to the Manage interface in order to redirect a subdomain. We also moved the workflow used to add a subdomain from the main screen of the Subdomains feature to the Add a Subdomain management interface to help simplify the main screen. For more information about subdomains in x4, view our subdomains documentation.
  • Redirects - The Redirects feature was also updated to the x4 layout. When a user wishes to add a redirect, they will click on the Add Redirect button and be directed to a new interface. We reordered the Add a Redirect layout to make it more intuitive for new users. Descriptions and additional tool tips were added to the feature so users can avoid additional steps and immediately find critical information about redirects right on the interface. We restyled the Redirect Type menu and reformatted it with radio buttons for more consistency in the layout. We also changed the name "Wildcard Redirects" to "Relative Redirects" to better describe this redirect's unique behavior. For more information about the new redirects feature, view our redirects documentation.
Known Issues
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One thing I've been meaning to post a question/comment about, is the Cancel Button. Manage Addons, or Manage Subs, or Manage Email Accounts for examples. We have the nice Blue Call to Action Button "Save Changes" and we have the White (why white? Isn't that hard to see for some?) "Delete" Button.

But, we have a simple, boring, text link, to Cancel an action on these pages.
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