SOLVED RELEASE Tier Temporarily Disabled


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Apr 11, 2011
UPDATE - 2:20am CST: The release tier has been re-enabled with build 78.0.11. There is no longer any need to make modifications to /etc/cpupdate.conf. Simply running /scripts/upcp should bring you to the latest build and prevent this issue from occurring any further. Please open a support ticket if you're still experiencing issues.

Hello Everyone,

The RELEASE update tier is temporarily disabled as we investigate potential license issues associated with the upgrade process. Attempting to update systems assigned to the RELEASE tier (as configured in WHM >> Upgrade Preferences), or attempting to install cPanel & WHM, will result in the following message appearing during the update/installation attempt:

cPanel has temporarily disabled updates on the central httpupdate servers. Please try again later.
To workaround this issue on new installations, preconfigure the cPanel & WHM release tier prior to starting the installation by performing the following steps:

1. As the root user, create the /etc/cpupdate.conf file.

2. In the /etc/cpupdate.conf file, add a new line to set the CPANEL parameter to the specific version number. For example, to configure your server to use version 78.0.11, add the following line:

3. Once the installation succeeds, browse to WHM >> Update Preferences and modify the configured release tier to the value of your preference.

I'll update this thread once the RELEASE tier is enabled again.

Thank you.
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The RELEASE tier has been enabled again. We have released 78.0.11 to the EDGE, CURRENT, and RELEASE tiers. Updating to this version should resolve any problems you're having with licensing. If you are still seeing problems or have any other questions, don't hesitate to open a ticket:
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