Released of Sub Reseller System for cPanel under RVskin


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Feb 19, 2003
We are proud to announce the release of Sub Reseller System. Sub Reseller System is designed for Resellers who want to allow users to manage multiple cPanel accounts without WHM access. Giving the possibility for reseller to sell multiple cPanel accounts in a single hosting package. Selling Multi-Domains using cPanel Addon domain feature doesn't satisfy users in some various ways especially it requires the same username and password to access cPanel and FTP. Think to the freelance web designer who works with a few companies. There are the need for multiple cPanel hosting accounts but don't want to pay for a reseller package which more expensive.

Under reseller accounts, reseller can access Sub Reseller System inside RVskin Manager.
Under reseller resold accounts, once reseller enable the Sub Reseller System, there will be a link to 'Sub Reseller System' at the bottom of all resold cPanel accounts homepage. Resellers are able to upsale Sub Reseller System on user cPanel. If unauthorized user tries to access sub reseller system, he will ask for upgrading hosting package.

All RVskin users get it for free by run auto-update script.
Rvskin is the multi-languages, multi-themes advanced skin management software for Cpanel server . It is a best choice to differentiate your hosting services, lower your support needed, which result to lower cost to operate your business.

21 language pack for CPanel and so many amazing addon features:RVskin

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Brazillian Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Simplifed Chinese(GB)
  • Traditional Chinese(Big5)
  • Swedish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Japanese-shift_JIS
  • Japanese-euc-JS
  • Indonesian
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • slovenian

User can switch between language inside user control panel at language section.

Rvskin come with a lot of addon features for CPanel server, a great experience for you, reseller, and clients!
- Skin editor: server owner and reseller can customize clients' control panel header to whatever you want. You can have Cpanel looks like your hosting website with unimited link, or add drop down menus link to Cpanel itself or external website.
- Create your own page: evey sections you can have your own links, or create your own page inside RVskin.
- Sub reseller system
- Passwordless ModernBill Integration: alllowing user access modernbil without to login.
- Automatically updated
- Every Cpanel features can be shown or hidden
- Configuration at pakage/theme level and specifc account level
- Setting in Cpanel WHM will be detected, features will automatically turn-off if it could not apply for that package.
- Brand your skin with your own logo and link
- Reseller support !!
- Easy to control your skin by Rvskin Manager
- Permission Control
- Multi-languages support
- Mutli-theme design, currently there are 14 themes
- Reseller feature control
- Fantastico integration support
- Urchin intergration support
- News system with archive page
- Contact email reminder pop up system
- Messages editor, all messages are editable from admin GUI
- Upsale your products/services inside skin

Full features list is here

Feature comparison is here

Demo is here