Remembering cPanel login


Apr 22, 2012
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Have you tried re-saving the login in your browser since the update?

In mine, I had to type in the login name in full after the update but the password showed up after I hit the tab key and then Chrome just simply asked me again if I wanted to save the login and I told it "yes" and that was the end of that, the login now shows up on the new version.

The Cpanel programmers may have changed either the URL or some backend javascript so your Chrome isn't recognizing the login page as the same page but you should be able to re-save those logins and get them working again

If you don't remember your logins, there is a few plugins you can get for either Chrome or Firefox that reveal your saved passwords and you could use that and then manually re-enter your login and tell the browser to re-save those again.


Apr 23, 2012
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texo, thanks, that was the one I was looking for - though it was on, so I'm not sure if I just have a chrome caching issue. I'm going to play with all of that now that I can find the tweak. Thank you again
Mantis - yeah, normally I have had that ability with chrome, but after the update I wasn't even offered it in cPanel (though other logins such as to my billing certainly worked).
I think it's either a Chrome caching issue or maybe I just need to restart the autologin tweak. Or, I just saw the cookie validation tweak. Again, Chrome's history caching. That's my next step.
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