Feb 9, 2008
Trnava, Cacak, Serbia

I have a reseller account with WHM and cPanel both. All are v.11 btw. :)

I think this is a simple question, Im maybe wrong, so its best to ask you guys, right here, to clear up any misunderstandings.
Here is what I am trying to make.
I want to make a Log In section on mine website, for all of my customers. So when they enter their username\password they can directly go to their cPanel. Instead typing in their browsers domain:2082 and then user\password.

I am trying to figure this out, and I will try setting it all up to be login directly to mine_page:2082 (if Im wrong I will get the answer instantly, if I am not, Ill get the answer here :) ) and see what will happen.

I searched the forum for 'remote login' but no luck. So I hope someone can help me to search and work in the right way.