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Sep 17, 2003
UK, Luton
Hi - We're looking to setup a remote MySQL server, we have the machine purchased and ready to go. We intended to setup multiple processes of MySQL on different hosts / IPs for each of our web boxes on the MySQL server. This we have done.

The problem we now face is configuring the cPanel web boxes to use the remote server.

It seems the way cPanel has this implemented, the web server wants to "take over" the remote MySQL host, asking for the root password (not just mysql root), installing cPanel scripts and so on, on the remote MySQL server. This is not ideal, as we want to run multiple MySQL processes on the MySQL server to avoid any database name and username conflicts across our web boxes.

Is there anyway at all this can be achieved, avoiding the way cPanel wants to do it and simply connect to the MySQL server? We need to get something sorted for this, if nothing can be done with remote MySQL the way we want it, we’re going to need to re-think our strategy of expanding our current capacity. The whole idea was to move MySQL off onto this new powerful remote server, reducing load and increasing performance across the board on our web boxes.