Remote MySQL Connection Problem

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Jun 10, 2020
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Hey all.

So I've just run into an annoying issue. Up until today (20/06/2020) my remote connection was working fine via my PHP script then we suffered a power outage for 5 minutes which unfortunately lead to the Vodafone router being reset and as such my IP was changed so naturally I went into the remote MySQL section of cPanel and removed the old IP address and added the new one, however remote connection is now being refused. Here is what I've checked and done so far:-

1. Checked manage access hosts and added the new IP in cPanel
2. Have added the new IP in WHM additional access hosts
3. Reviewed a few other threads on here and tried mysqladmin flush-hosts
4. Restarted the server entirely including mysql
5. Double checked a connection can be made to localhost on the server using the same username and password - connected fine!

What on earth has happened? What could be blocking my new IP? I've done the usual of adding the new access host IP and there was no issues until my home router got rebooted and as such the dynamic IP changed. I'm sorry but in my view it can't be working one minute absolutely fine with one IP then not the next with another IP, that just doesn't make sense especially when the new IP has been added so there should be no connection issue.

Please help, any would be appreciated.



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Nov 14, 2017
Had you also done any port forwarding in the router prior to the reset? If this had been done and the entire router was reset to factory settings it wouldn't just be the IP that changed, you'd have to re-implement those changes as well.