Remote MySQL - having lots of problems!


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Sep 19, 2005
Hi there,

I have just had 2 new servers provisioned:

Server 1 - Web/email server, running cPanel.
Server 2 - Database server, running cPanel DNS Only version.

I've got almost everything setup, just having some problems with remote MySQL.

For some reason cPanel keeps defaulting to localhost even though I have changed it about 20 times now to the remote server IP, it will stay remote for a while then for some reason decide to change itself back!!!

When it is correctly working with the remote server IP, for some reason when I try to copy accounts from another server it doesn't correctly create the databases, I also don't seam to be able to add a database from cPaenl for an account, it says its added but just doesnt do anything!

This is getting extremely fustrating now, I would be very grateful if someone could give me some help or ideas on this. Should I forget about the remote MySQL feature and just create my remote databases manually?