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Aug 9, 2006

running latest stable cPanel/WHM on CentOS 4.5

Some time ago I set up a remote MySQL server via WHM SQL Services which worked fine.

Since 3 days the WHM no longer sees the remote mysql server and the created databases/usernames in cPanel aren't seen either.

Absolutly nothing was changed. Maybe just an automatic WHM update.

I wanted to fix this by re-installing MySQL on that server and re-adding it in WHM but for unknown reasons the /scripts directory does not want to be re-uploaded as first time and the remote server is not being setup

after copying the /scripts directory manually the remote mysql server was set up but I was unable to add databases/usernames via cPanel. When adding it was saying that it was added but it wasn't.

Can someone please tell me what can the issue be and how can I fix it? Where should I look? Where is the remote mysql server defined in WHM(what files), it's password, the added remote mysql databases/usernames?