May 4, 2006

There have been a lot posts concerning different issues on setting up the remote mysql server.
It seems that the root password script is being the main problem.
When you use "set up mysql remote server" the script connects to the remote host via ssh and generates new root password stored in /root/.my.cnf (the same happens when whm is unable to connect the remote host).
The root password on the local machine (also kept in /root/.my.cnf) gets overwritten to the one you entered in the "set mysql remote host" form. The point is that these passwords are not in sync (why?). One of the solutions i to allow the WHM generate random password and store it on the remote host, and change it in the database afterwards. If you try to overwrite the password stored on the remote machine with your own one it is likely that you'll finish with "Access denied" again.

Hope i'm of any help.
Of course if you happen to have a better solution for keeping the passphrases in sync - please let know.
Best regards.