Remote Rsync Incremental Backup kept file locally


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Jul 22, 2014
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I’m trying to fully understand how the Rsync remote incremental backups are working.

My understanding is that the backup system is using Rsync with the remote server. What I do not understand is why the server is keeping a copy of all files locally in the backup folder.

I’ve double check to make sure the initial backup configuration setting wasn’t set to “Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory”.

Then I though that the files I see in the /backup folder could be hard links, to make sur of it I’ve tried to see if an inode number has used twice in the system:

# ls -i

# find . -inum 123456

The above command confirmed that those were not hard links but an actual copy of the file.

So what id the advantage of a remote Rsync incremental backup if all the files need to be duplicated in the server, thus doubled the disk space usage?