Removal of the Brazilian Portuguese translation


Aug 12, 2022
Reginópolis, São Paulo
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Looking at the recent news regarding cPanel I come across the news that Brazilian Portuguese would be removed in version 106 of cpanel.

This is something totally desperate, coming from a company that has been translating to cpanel in Portuguese for so many years.

This affects a huge slice of cpanel users located in our country, BRAZIL.

So I come publicly to the forum to express how unhappy I am with the news and that the case should be reviewed.

I believe that if the problem is time to translate this into languages, it should be open to the community to help with the translation and not remove the use altogether.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! One of our User Interface developers commented in another thread about this, so I'd recommend reviewing that here:

I can say that Brazilian Portuguese is specifically on the list, so it's one of the translations we'll be working on sooner rather than later.
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