Remove AutoSSL and switch to LetsEncrypt Issue


May 10, 2018
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My Cpanel License has expired on my server and I do not plan to renew it. (The server really doesn't need Cpanel and i have a few other licenses on other servers, so i definitely love the product :) ) I also know that leaving Cpanel on a server with an expired license is not ideal and a fresh OS install is always recommended. However, please understand in my current situation I am unable to start fresh again.

I am getting email messages that AutoSSL is unable to renew my SSL certificates which is expiring in 5 days!. This, of course, is because I don't have an active license on this server.

I manually installed certbot-auto and was able to renew my SSL certificates that way. It gave me the congratulations message and SSL certficates expire in 90 days.

However, when I went to check my SSL certificate status and I am still showing this Cpanel certificate expiring in 5 days. It's not picking up my new 90 day renewal with LE.

Have i missed a step here?

What if i don't want to use Cpanel certificates and want to uninstall AutoSSL manually from the command line. Which steps would i take for that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Nov 14, 2017
Hello @WebSavvyGuy

With an expired license features available through the WHM/cPanel interface normally will not function as intended. This will extend to the AutoSSL feature whether utilizing the Comodo or Let's Encrypt providers. The AutoSSL process, either way, is something that is only available with a cPanel license.

You may be able to set the AutoSSL provider through the CLI:

WHM API 1 Functions - set_autossl_provider - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

You can also disable AutoSSL entirely:

WHM API 1 Functions - disable_autossl - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

I do want to point out though, that without a valid cPanel license the API functions may not work as intended or at all