Remove Traces of deleted domains?


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Apr 8, 2008
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Hello, this issue comes up every now and then. A domain is half removed and has some trace entries left somewhere in /etc/*domains*, /var/cpanel/users/* or /var/cpanel/userdata/*/*. When you try adding the domain, you get the dreaded 'site exists' but you can't remove the domain since it does not show up in cPanel of any account. A recent example (though on an older version of cPanel) is ticket 9058815 with cPanel support where we had a domain leave traces behind. I ran /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf and it added the removed domain to /var/cpanel/users/system file instead of removing it. Can this be checked and also added as part of a feature request to have a cpanel script that displays all partial entries of a domain and force removes the domain to allow re-adding it, if the domain does not show inside cPanel. We don't want everyone with root editing these core cPanel meta files manually so a cPanel script to clean remnants of a half removed domain would help a great deal. I hope this makes sense.