Removing and Re-adding Domain and MX Records


Oct 10, 2014
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I recently removed a domain from domain manager, and then re-added so I could point it to a different directory. When doing so, a message showed saying something like "No files will be lost if you proceed." However, after doing, domain emails could no longer be sent that were running through gmail.

The "no files will be lost..." message made me think it was safe to remove/re-add the domain, though did doing so reset the MX records? Because, afterwards they were no longer pointed to Google and some emails were lost. Thank you for any feedback.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @bdp31770

From what interface exactly did you remove the domain? The only instance in which I can believe that a domain's data wouldn't be removed is if its subfolder remained - in this instance, you'd need to move the data from the old directory to the new.

As far as email goes when you remove a domain the zone file is removed as well so yes you'd need to re-add the MX record to point the domain to Gmail. This won't be recovered if you re-add a domain