Removing email accounts, users can't connect with outlook


Oct 23, 2006
Hi everyone,

We have had complaints from some of our customers for quite sometime now, but it's becoming impossible to handle now because of the ammount of users we have to deal with. Here's the problem we are having.

The problem we are having is when we remove an e-mail account for some domain then some apparently random users from the same domain become unable to connect to using outlook, the error they are getting is an authentication failure (error 535) reported by exim (our current MTA). After this if we go into cpanel and use the change password feature to RESET the password to the EXACT same thing it was (before OTHER account was removed) then that user automatically becomes authorized again. This is completely reproduceable and the only thing we never know is which users from that domain will become affected.

We are on a Linux box running Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 4 and using CPanel 10.9.0-CURRENT 48.

Does anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Hope this data is enough but in case it isn't just tell me so and i will post all required info. Thanks in advance for the time and any help.


Alex Paes
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