Removing local nameserver, replacing with external


Mar 20, 2013
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Root Administrator

I need to do some changes to my DNS cluster and just want to make sure that I do it right.

Currently the cPanel server (full installation with webserver etc) is running with a local nameserver, and another cPanel DNS Only server is functioning as the secondary nameserver (ns2).

I want to disable the local nameserver and setup an external cPanel DNS Only server instead.

Currently my cluster setup is as follows.

On the webserver:
ns2 is setup as role synchronize

On ns2
webserver is setup as standalone.

So my new approach would be to setup a new cPanel DNS Only server add it as ns1 with dns role synchronize on the webserver, set the webserver on ns1 to be standalone. Synchronize the records across all the nameservers so the new nameserver have all the records, update glue records/a records etc to the new nameserver instead of the webserver, and then disable BIND on the webserver (after a few hours so the changes have propagated).

Does this sound like a reasonable approach, or is there some settings here that are incorrect, or any other things I should do, or be aware of?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated!